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Little Star


Explore some of the mysterious world of Little Star.

Cloud blossom

This is a flower that exclusively grows on clouds. Birds use their glow to guide themselves. They also rest on them during long flights. In exchange, birds pollinate the blossom across the skies.

Star spinner

A carnivorous flower. It reacts to the light of stars, making it spin and glow the water underneath it, thus attracting fish and eating those that end up tangled on its roots.


Rain falls in a concentrated manner on certain spots of land instead of making everything wet. It's so much easier to collect this way! It must be really funny it it falls suddenly on someone.

Night arcs

A set of beautiful arcs that embellish the skies. Legends tell that happiness lies at their end.

Desert ruins

Made by ancient civilizations that liived in the desert. Did they extinguish because they perhaps, chose poorly where to live?

Light daisies

It is told that these flowers symbolize friendship. They only bloom under the warm light of stars.

Concept Art

Little Star spot

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